12 Months Is A Long Time In F1 And There Is No Alliance With Ferrari


Mercedes Non Executive Chairman Niki Lauda has slammed suggestions that his team are in an alliance with rivals Ferrari. Formula One commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone has suggested that the pair were rowing in the same boat.

However speaking to Gazzetta Dello Sport Lauda said that:

Let’s clear one thing, Ferrari are a rival to Mercedes, and one that we must always defeat.

The suggestion was made after Ferrari appointed Lewis Hamilton’s former chief engineer Jock Clear to their technical staff and Lauda has hit out at the suggestion that the departure of Clear hurt Mercedes towards the end of last season allowing Ferrari to close the gap.

Clear was responsible for Hamilton’s car, but he has been out for 12 months.┬áThat is a long time in Formula One.

Lauda explained that Ferrari have signed three people from Mercedes over the winter however the reigning world champions are stable and are pushing ahead with the preparations for the 2016 season.

In terms of the situation with Ferrari, Lauda confirmed that their are similar interests that the two teams agree on just like with Renault and Honda who may agree of certain issues.


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