A Fantastic Final Day At Autosport International Show


The final day of the Autosport International Show at Birmingham’s NEC Arena on Sunday was a huge success with Billy Monger, Johnny Herbert and Karun Chandhok opening the show.

Speaking on the Autosport stage about Formula One, former Grand Prix driver Johnny Herbert said:

 I know Lewis, Fernando and Jenson have said it before and Max is very much that way as well – they all, in some ways, wish they could go back to the 80s and 90s. It’s the challenge. For me Lewis on track is amongst the very very best at not using the extra run off with four wheels off, it’s very rare he does that. Others do it to gain an advantage if they possibly can.

“Lewis and Fernando would want to conquer the track by driving between the white lines. That’s what I think it was always about when we used to go to Monaco. There’s the white line and then there’s the barrier…that’s the challenge, that’s the thrill that I think we all want to have.

“That (using the run off areas) is not the skill, the skill is to keep within the track. That’s what the Ayrtons of the world, the Michaels of the world, the greats, do.”

Round four of the LeMans eSports series took place at the show where Tobin Leigh finished in second place booking a spot in the Super Final and speaking following the event he said:

“It’s a crazy feeling. Coming here yesterday on the Saturday and qualifying was pretty insane. I just came to have fun, I didn’t expect to qualify, but I did and it felt great to beat some established racing drivers such as Aston Martin factory driver, Ross Gunn.

“I started the main race from the back row of the grid, again didn’t have any expectations, but I found myself climbing all the way to second and securing a spot at Le Mans.”

Other highlights from the final day of the show from Paddock Eye’s perspective was our interview with W Series qualifier Caitlin Wood.

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