Three-time NASCAR Cup Series and 1997 IndyCar Series champion Tony Stewart says he has no interest in reviving his IndyCar Series career given that he will be 50 in less than ten days. The Indiana-native who began his career in open-wheel racing will join AJ Foyt Racing as a guest for the 105th running of the Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge on Sunday, 30 May.

Speaking to Paddock Eye during a Zoom conference call on Tuesday, Stewart said:

Well, it has nothing to do with the aeroscreen or anything. It’s literally about the technology. There’s so much that has happened since I drove in 2001. I mean, it’s been 20 years since I’ve been in an INDYCAR. So try to learn the technology, to get in shape and lose the weight I would need to lose to be competitive to help the engineers out, it’s stuff that is just not realistic. I’ll be 50 here in less than 10 days now. 50 is probably not an age to try to revive an INDYCAR career at this point.

Speaking about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and what it means to him, Tony Stewart said:

Well, if you look behind me and see what’s hanging on the wall behind me, (a full-size IndyCar hangs on the wall in his den) I think that passion never leaves. Every time you drive through the tunnel to go in the infield, it’s always that feeling that it’s sacred ground to me. I live literally 55 minutes away from the track, and every time we roll in there you are constantly reminded of the history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the triumphant victories, the agonizing losses that have happened there, the people that we’ve lost there in motorsports. It is very sacred ground to me and something that I always cherish every time I get a chance to come visit.

AJ Foyt Racing Team President Larry Foyt says the outfit is excited about the Indianapolis 500 and the fact that they are celebrating 60 years since AJ won his first of four Indianapolis 500’s makes it extra special. Speaking to Paddock Eye on the call with Tony Stewart, Foyt said:

That’s why we need Tony to come help us. Going for the big four is quite a lot. But no, it just — certainly we’re excited. It made sense. We feel like we have four good drivers, and obviously four good sponsors. That’s why it came together and why we wanted to do it, and to celebrate that and the anniversary of the ’61 win, just really cool and just really thankful for Tony to be a part of it.

We know it’s a lot of work. Obviously we tried to get as big of a head start on all of it as we could because there are a lot of parts and pieces to put these things together now. Kind of like Tony was saying, there’s so much electronics and so many things we deal with in racing now, it’s not as easy as just throwing a car together and trying to put it in the 500.

It’s a lot of work, but we feel like we’ve got four great crews put together, and we’re really excited about it.

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