The M Sport Ford WRC team endured a difficult Rally Italia weekend with Gus Greensmith coming home in seventh while Teemu Suninen came home in eighth place.

Speaking following the action, M Sport Ford WRC Team Principal Richard Millener commented saying:

Sardinia is an event that tests cars and drivers to the limit of their endurance and almost every team throughout the service park has suffered one disappointment or another. That does not make it easier for us to look back at how the weekend has gone when you see our pace and what our potential finishing positions may have been.

“Teemu has learned a lot from his experience this weekend. He ran reliably on all but the first day and I think that the mileage and understanding will serve him well when he returns to the cockpit.

“You cannot help but feel for Gus, whose issues on the first two days were not of his own making. We win and lose together as a team of course, but we shall be going through the technical issues thoroughly to ensure that the next time he is in position to achieve the sort of finishing position that his pace deserves.

“Adrien’s ability after just four years of driving any kind of rally car remains exceptional, and while his mistake on Friday was a reflection of that I think we can all feel good about what getting to the end of the event, building that knowledge and winning a couple of stages means for his prospects.

Gus Greensmith commented saying:

I think I was pretty happy with my driving this weekend, one or two stages were particularly good, it’s obviously a shame to then have technical issues that prevent that progress coming through in the overall results.

“I think that we can take heart from the reliability that the other two cars have shown this weekend. Clearly mine have been isolated incidents and in review and planning for the next event we will be able to move forward and keep aiming to get in amongst the top five.

Teemu Suninen commented saying:

We could be happier, obviously, the first day wasn’t very good for us and that was a big shame but we have been able to build a good rhythm through Saturday and Sunday and to learn more about the performance of the Pirelli tyres on gravel.

“It was also a good learning to run first on the road as well, because you can really make up time when you know how to approach the stages with no markers and no line. You always want to take away more than what you learn from an event but on an event like this just reaching the finish can feel like an achievement

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