Saturday 23rd March 2019 is a historic day for the new all female W Series as their race car took to the track for the first time in Spain.

The 28 drivers vying for 18 places on the grid begin the final five day selection process in the Tatuus single seater.

Speaking about the first run of the car, W Series CEO Catherine Catherine Bond Muir said:

Today was a historic day: the day our W Series race cars took to the track for the very first time, 28 ambitious and eager female race drivers putting them through their paces on the tricky and tortuous Almeria circuit in southern Spain.

“As such, today’s running represents a culmination of a huge amount of immensely hard work done by everyone in the W Series team – from Sean Wadsworth [W Series Chairman] and David Coulthard [W Series Chairman, Advisory Board], on the one hand, to the brilliantly dedicated team in our back office, on the other. You know who you are – hearty congrats to you all. Equally, I want to say a big thank you to the talented and hard-working personnel of our partner companies – Hitech, Tatuus, Hankook, ATS, Hintsa and more to be announced soon – who have all done a fantastic job too.

“There’s a lot more hard work ahead, of course, but we’re all up for the challenge – as, of course, are our drivers, who are the real stars of the show. They were under enormous pressure today, as they’ll continue to be over the next few days, driving their hearts out for the right to be among the final line-up of W Series race drivers who’ll contest the very first all-female single-seater race in motorsport history at Hockenheim [Germany] on May 4th.”

W Series Racing Director Dave Ryan said:

The first day of any test with a new team and new drivers is always going to be a learning experience – and today we learnt a lot – but all good stuff and we are really looking forward to making another step tomorrow.

“We’ve got a reasonable amount of work to do on two or three cars tonight, but the team have already put in a big effort so actually seeing the cars all lined up this morning and going out together for the first time was impressive. We’ve put a great team together and it’s only going to get better. We’re excited for the season ahead.

“Testing is all about making progress, looking how we operate, looking at how the drivers work and generally as a team – standing back and improving day by day”

The 28 drivers taking part in the selection process are:

Sarah Bovy, Belgium
Jamie Chadwick, UK
Sabre Cook, USA
Natalie Decker, USA
Marta Garcia, Spain
Megan Gilkes, Canada
Grace Gui, China
Esmee Hawkey, UK
Jessica Hawkins, UK
Shea Holbrook, USA
Francesca Linossi, Italy
Vivien Keszthelyi, Hungary
Emma Kimilainen, Finland
Natalia Kowalska, Poland
Stephane Kox, The Netherlands
Miki Koyama, Japan
Milou Mets, The Netherlands
Sarah Moore, UK
Tasmin Pepper, South Africa
Vicky Piria, Italy
Alice Powell, UK
Gosia Rdest, Poland
Naomi Schiff, Belgium
Shirley Van Der Lof, The Netherlands
Beitske Visser, The Netherlands
Alexandra Whitley, Australia
Fabienne Wohlwend, Liechtenstein
Caitlin Wood, Australia

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