Cusick Motorsports with Dreyer and Reinbold Racing’s Stefan Wilson had a fantastic opening day of testing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Thursday where he finished the day in 6th with a 225.960MPH.

Speaking following the action he said:

“Really good day for us, you know, to get through your refresher. And, I think we did 140 laps today. So, I did a lot more than I thought we’re going to get done today with how we expected it to be and how many it got. So yeah, really, really positive stuff. I think it’s nice to be in a stronger positive window. You know, the cars in a decent window right now, I think we need to refine it. But you know, we’re not from the kitchen sink at it. So that’s, that’s a good place to be where you check in boxes going through the program. Maybe we’ll see what happens tomorrow. And maybe it gets some time. Maybe not. But everything done. You want it to be that? Yeah, absolutely. I think so. You know, we actually didn’t expect any running tomorrow. So we tried to just cram it all in today. You know, and if tomorrow happens, then that’s a bonus, you know. So, you know, really appreciate all the work that Dreyer & Reinbold have done. All the crew just done an amazing job to prepare for better cars and having done 140 laps today after not running a lap since then last year, so hats off to them. It was nice to be back after a year as well. Didn’t sleep well, last night, you know, thinking about what was ahead of me today. You know, it’s kind of like riding a bike. You get back in and everything starts to make sense again. So yeah, and a Chevrolet as well. They’ve done a really good job with the package coming into the month. So excited to be with this whole program


Ryan Hunter-Reay, No. 23 Dreyer & Reinold Racing Chevrolet ended day in P14 and speaking following the action he said:

“It was great! You know, that first run out, but you know the first proper run felt like a kid going down the hill on a bike, going down a ramp, that’s probably like that feeling of just pure excitement. It was great. I absolutely couldn’t wait to do it. But now it’s great like Stefan (Wilson) said – the team’s done a great job preparing these cars, and really happy to be joining Team Chevy again. We have a lot of great history together not only in the sports car side of GM with Cadillac and everything but winning a championship together back in 2012. So I have a lot of good friends there and look forward to working with them. It’s something that I’m definitely going to take the time the most have been working with the team. It’s been excellent today. We just we were going through some pretty big ticket stuff you know, big ticket items with the wind and everything and we with the starting that refresher do very strange just feel in 210 to 215 was not kind of like that morning. I wanted to get through that as fast as possible. It was like eating your vegetables as a kid. Yeah, it’s not fun, but got through it. After that, yeah, had a blast. And the worst vegetables for you growing up would be one kid when I was a kid, it was definitely broccoli. Like that was the worst. You know, for my kids to now I love messing with them. Always eat your vegetables also.”


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