The producers of the Rapid Response Film have issued the following statement ahead of the documentary’s release on Friday.

We are truly saddened by the events at Spa that claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert and injured driver Juan Manuel Correa and our thoughts go out to the teams, friends and family of the drivers.

Rapid Respone explores advancements in safety in American open wheel racing and how doctors, safety personnel and engineers struggled for decades to build a scientific approach to improve safety in the sport. The film is an examination of a specific set of doctors and safety personnel in American open wheel racing over a distinct time period.

It should be considered a commentary on modern racing safety or safety in any other racing series. While these are unconformable topics to discuss, we produced Rapid Response to look back at the history of motor sport and build a better understanding of the progression of safety.

Rapid Response concludes with the acknowledgement that motor racing safety has improved but it can never be considered safe.

Anthoine Hubert, Juan Manuel Correa and Jessi Combs are just three drivers who have recently suffered serious or fatal injuries in motor sport among many drivers who have been injured in motor racing in recent years. Rapid Response is a look back at the pioneers in safety from a past and markedly more dangerous period in motor racing, but their work isn’t finished.

The sport needs pioneers who will always push to improve safety and strive to make it safer.

Rapid Response will release on September 6, 2019 with a warning to all audience members that the film examines motor racing injuries and fatalities and viewer discretion is advised.

Rapid Response is on release at Prince Charles Cinema in London and at various other theaters in the United States. For more information visit –

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