John Force Racing’s Robert Hight got the team’s Bristol weekend off to a strong start on Friday as he led a strong contingent from John Force Racing’s ranking the No.2 spot in the opening day.

Hight who set a time of  3.918s at a speed of 324.28MPH commented by saying:

That was a good run, especially based on the fact that when you don’t go down the track on the first run, it kind of cripples you on the second run. “If we had made a solid first run, we would have tried to get after it more. But we did what we had to do. I thought when I ran it, we’d be top five. But we ended up No. 2, so good job to the Auto Club team. We didn’t want to go into Saturday, despite it being a 16-car show, looking at and facing a bottom-half scenario. That puts you behind all weekend.

Hight describes his first outing as a ‘fun run’ after the team made set up changes to his Auto Club of Southern California Chevrolet Camaro SS and he went on to say:

We have taken some weight off the front of this thing when it’s hot out, and this track is really bumpy. “Out in the middle of the track, it was carrying the front end, bouncing up and down, and both the front tires were off the ground, going 324 mph. But it was going straight, so it was a fun run and fun drive.

Hight’s team mate’s Courtney Force in the Advanced Auto Parts Chevrolet Camaro SS ended the day No.3 while John Force was No.5.

Brittany Force in the Monster Energy Top Fuel Dragster was  No.16 in her run. Hight concluded by saying:

Tomorrow we’re going to be facing race day conditions,” Hight said. “We don’t need to do what we did early in the day and screw up tomorrow. We need to make two good runs tomorrow, and that will put us in good shape for Sunday.

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