Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports James Hinchcliffe in the No.5 Arrow Electronics Honda endured an extremely tough opening qualifying day for the Indianapolis 500 next weekend as the Mayor Of HinchTown who crashed earlier today failed to make it through to positions 10-30 and will have to take part in the final row shootout on Sunday.

Speaking following the session he said:

I don’t know what the ultimate gap was, but it was obviously pretty close. Huge credit to everybody at Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, it was a big effort from the whole team to get that car out there. Everybody from the [car] 7, 77, 60 – they jumped in and helped. It’s a road course car, so it doesn’t have all the extra love on it that the oval cars, the superspeedway cars have so we weren’t really sure what to expect. We came out, made some changes and found some speed, certainly. Obviously it wasn’t quite enough today. Luckily we’ve got a chance tomorrow. I’ve got a lot of faith in the crew, everybody at Arrow, everybody at Honda, they’ve done great today to rebound from a pretty bad situation. We just have to put our heads together, find a little speed on it tomorrow and come out and put this thing in the show.”

Marcus Ericsson had a great day in the No.7 Arrow Electronics Honda starts the race from 13th place with a four lap average of 228.511MPH and speaking following the action he said:

“It’s so much preparation, there’s so much buildup to it [qualifying]. You practice all week to prepare for it, and then when you’re finally here, sitting in line, waiting… You’re out there on your own on the track, and for sure the pressure builds. I like that – I sort of thrive in those conditions, and I thought we did a good job in the Arrow car today.”

Jack Harvey in the No.60 AutoNation Sirius XM Honda starts the race from 25th and speaking following a four lap average of 227.695MPH and speaking following the action he said:

The wind changed from what we were expecting, and I had too many moments coming out of Turn 2. I haven’t been that loose throughout practice, so coming into qualifications and having oversteer on the turn exit is not a great feeling. It wasn’t the run that I thought we were going to have. The first lap was good, but I couldn’t stay flat on the second, which caused us to lose too much. We had more pace that we were not able to show. We picked up a lot of front grip out of nowhere and I had a very close save. So it’s good to be in the race after a less than perfect day. We made it. We are in and we can still race from where we are starting from.”

Oriol Servia in the No.77 MotoGator Team Stage starts the race from 19th and speaking following the action he said:

Honestly I couldn’t be impressed more with my engineers with how difficult the conditions are, it is really hot and windy. I did not adjust one thing on the MotoGator car in the four laps. That’s how good the car was. The car stayed very consistent. Overall I’m very happy. The whole effort, the whole month has been really great so I’m really looking forward to the 26th.”

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