NIO 333 Formula E’s Daniel Abt and Oliver Turvey showed signs of improvement in round four of the 2019/20 ABB Formula E championship finale in Berlin on Sunday. Starting the race from 23rd place, Daniel Abt came home in 18th place and speaking following the race he said:

“I have done a good job in both races! Our strategy is pretty good, I saved quite some energy early on, and also avoided some chaos on the track. Being able to finish in front of some strong teams feels quite good, it also brought encouragement to the team. We will now have a good rest; everybody is a bit tired after completing 4 races in 5 days. Only 2 races left of the season, I hope we will have a solid end to the championship.

Oliver Turvey started 19th and came home in 22nd and speaking following the race he commemted saying:

“On Saturday, I had a scrappy qualifying lap after some problems in practice put us on the back foot. We had a clean race where we tried an alternative strategy to save a lot of energy which we executed well and managed to gain a few positions on the last laps. On Sunday, I was pleased to put in a strong qualifying lap where I felt I got the most out of the car. At the start of the race, I got hit from behind on the first lap which caused a brake-by-wire failure. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reset so had to drive the whole race with this problem.”

Vicent Wang NIO 333 team CEO commented saying:

The team chose a good strategy, helping us to get good finish positions in Round 8. Unfortunately, Oliver was hit from behind by an opponent in Round 9, he was unable to show his best performance, Actually our pace during Sunday’s race was a step forward compared to Saturday. Every race means crucial experience for the team, helping us to improve even further. After 4 races in 5 days, I hope the team can have a good rest in the next 2 days and then give everything in the final 2 races of the season.”

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