John Force had a great day on Sunday at Bristol Drag Way as he took victory from position No.6 after making a run of 4.136s at a speed of 312.42MPH beating Del Worsham.

Courtney Force in the Advanced Auto Parts Chevrolet Camaro SS beat JR Todd in the first round with a 4.132s at a speed of 255.43MPH speaking following the run, Force said:

It’s a hot an interesting race day here in Bristol. “Our Advance Auto Parts Chevy Camaro team was hoping for a better end to our weekend. We qualified in in the No. 4 position, which was a great start. But I think we lacked a little consistency out here, and most importantly, a lot of cars struggled to get down the track. It is just the case of a hot and slimy track, and we have to figure it out before we get to Norwalk because it might be exactly the same.

Force’s second run, a 4.343s at a speed of 221.42MPH and speaking following the run she said:

We had a good run at it but it started spinning. “I went to pedal it and blew the burst panel off, so I couldn’t really come back from that and he went around me for the win. It was a close race, but no one is running killer times out here.

“We just have to get this fixed because we were on a good run, and I think we can learn something from it and head into Norwalk feeling a little more positive.

Brittany Force took victory in her Monster Energy Top Fuel Dragster in round 1 beating Terry McMillen with a run of 3.897s at a speed of 310.15MPH and speaking following the run she commented by saying:

(In the first round) we ran an 89, and that was more than decent in the heat. “Second round we had a (cylinder out) so we were already in trouble. It’s tough going out early in the day, especially when all your teammates go out. We’re all going to pack up as one and go to the next one and hopefully we can win there.

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