McLaren Honda’s Fernando Alonso has been cleared to drive in the opening practice session for Sunday’s Chinese Grand Prix but will under go further medical checks on Friday to determine whether he can completed the full weekend.

The Spaniard was forced to miss the Bahrain Grand Prix last time out on medical grounds after fracturing a rip in his accident with the Haas F1 Team’s Esteban Gutierrez in the season opening Australian Grand Prix.

GP2 champion Stoffel Vandoorne replaced Alonso for the race and scored a 10th place finish giving McLaren their first points of the season.

A statement released by the FIA on Thursday afternoon read:

Since the accident at the Australian Grand Prix, McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team driver Fernando Alonso has been undergoing the process of “Reintegration” in accordance with Chapter II of Appendix L of the International Sporting Code. McLaren Honda have applied for Alonso to participate in the 2016 Chinese Grand Prix. As the injury to the driver was discovered some days after the Australian Grand Prix, the Reintegration does not strictly fall within the text of the Appendix. Therefore, the Stewards have taken advice from the FIA Medical Delegate, who in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the Chinese Grand Prix and the driver’s doctors advise that he considers the driver provisionally fit to take part in the event. Given the exceptional circumstances, and having heard from the team, the Stewards have decided to exempt the driver from strict compliance with Art. 3(b) of Chapter II of Appendix L, relying instead on Art. 3(a) which has been satisfied.Therefore driver Fernando Alonso will be allowed to participate, subject to the provision below.

The provisions are as follows:

The driver has been given directions by the FIA Medical Delegate and CMO which he is to follow (Art. 12.1.1.i of the International Sporting Code.) Further, in accordance with Art. 22.14 of the Formula One Sporting Regulations, he is instructed by the FIA Medical Delegate and CMO to undergo a further examination immediately following FP1 to determine his further eligibility to take part in the remainder of the Event.

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