The Artic Rally Finland has been confirmed as the replacement for the cancelled Rally Swrden World Rally Championship event which will take place from February 26-28, round 2 of the 2021 FIA World Rally Championship season and the only full snow event of the year.

Speaking about Finland’s addition to the calendar, FIA Rally Director Yves Matton commented saying:

With Arctic Rally Finland joining the WRC calendar, we will experience a rally in a region that has always made us dream and where conditions promise to be optimal for a snow event.

“Following the unfortunate cancellation of Rally Sweden in December, this is proof that with challenges can come opportunities.

“I would like to thank AKK and the organising team for their commitment, professionalism and determination, which enables them to make a second round in Finland a reality within a short time window. We will give all our help and support to ensure a great success for this new round.”

WRC Promoter Managing Director Jona Siebel said:

Since it was confirmed in December that Rally Sweden would not take place, we’ve been working hard with AKK Sports, the city of Rovaniemi and the enthusiasts there to try to make this event happen. It’s been a tough race against time and my thanks go to all involved,”

Although the rally starts in just 44 days, we know AKK will leave no stone unturned to ensure it reaches the same high standards as the traditional summertime Rally Finland.

“Winter rallies provide some of the sport’s most spectacular action. A winter wonderland of full snow and big snow banks lining the roads are a driver’s dream, so I think the WRC is in for a great time!”

Artic Rally Finland organiser Riku Bitter, CEO of AKK Sports commented saying:

We set out to look into the matter and explore our possibilities. Of the various different options, Rovaniemi, with its solid culture in organising winter rallies, good reputation as an international event city and large number of enthusiastic and experienced rally-makers stood out,”

Artic Rally Finland takes place in just 44 days time.

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