The 2020 Autosport International Show at Birmingham’s NEC Arena in January will celebrate 70 years of Formula One and will also look at what the future has in store for motorsport. President of the LeMans 24 Hour organizing committee Pierre Fillion said:

The Le Mans 24h race has a reputation for driving technology in the automotive sector. We introduced the disc brakes in the 1950s and hybrid power to motorsport in the 2000s. The goal of going faster and further on less energy is key to winning a 24-hour race’

Autosport International Sales Manager Andy Stewart said:

We are extremely excited about utilising the foundation Autosport has established over the past 70 years and turning our gaze forward with the 2090 campaign. With so many influential and respected industry professionals set to join us for another edition of Autosport International, we will be uniquely placed to lead the discussion on how we can expect the car, driver & circuit to develop by the time Autosport is celebrating another 70 years. We anticipate a wide range of interesting debates to be generated and cannot wait to see how motorsport once again positions itself at the very forefront of innovation.

Stewart went on to say:

The next generation of designers and engineers will have the opportunity to showcase their concepts at Autosport International in front of the world’s media and industry experts. This will be a major coup for any university.

The 2020 Autosport International Show takes place from January 9-12 and for more information visit –


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