Firestone are the official tire supplier of the Verizon IndyCar Series, but have you ever wondered how they a tire gets on wheel?

The Firestone Racing Verizon IndyCar Series tires are all manufactured in Akron, Ohio before being shipped to Indianapolis and then leased out to the teams. Each team brings their own wheels to each race and they are then given to Firestone who then match each wheel with the tires being leased to each team.

Each tire has a unique identifying bar code which allows Firestone to track and trace which tires are with what team.

Firestone can measure the wear of each tire by these markings on each tire

Firestone 2

The circular markers are used to monitor the tire wear.

Following each race the tires are returned to Firestone and recycled. The tires on each side of the car have different wall constructions due to the different loads on each tire.






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