Autosport International Connect which takes place from March 10-11 has announced that Beyond The Halo, a look at what is next when it comes to motorsport safety innovation will take place over the course of the two-day virtual event.

Phil Abbott, is the founder of Revolution Race Cars, which has created an innovative ‘double halo’, a first for a two-seater sports prototype. The Revolution A-One is one of the first sub-LMP level cars to have a full carbon chassis, crash box, and now an F1-style halo.

Speaking about Autosport International Connect, Phil Abbott said:

“We designed the A-One with the intention of bringing Le Mans and F1 type technology to the club racing and amateur track day markets. “By introducing the ‘double-halo’, we are giving drivers and their instructors or corporate guests the same level of safety they would expect in a world championship type race car.”

Christopher Tate, Chairman of Motorsport UK’s Safety Commission commented saying:

Having been fortunate to enjoy a long career in the sport and the industry in a variety of roles, I am able to see safety from the perspective not just of the expertise gathered in our committee, but also from that of an amateur competitor, as well as a circuit builder and manager, a race car builder and seller, as well as from that of team manager, young drivers I have managed, and a spectator and fan – we have to ensure motorsport is as safe as it can be, but also to keep it cost effective and sustainable.

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