The BlackBook Motorsports Forum 2023 takes place in London next week. The event, on Thursday, 27th April, at the KIA Oval in London, will host several key speakers from motorsport.

Among the speakers this year are:

  • James Bradshaw – Head Of Digital Technology with Formula One
  • Julia Palle – Director of Sustainability with Formula E
  • Zoe Chilton – Head of Strategic Partnerships with Oracle Red Bull Racing
  • Amr Elrawi – Director, Sports Marketing and Business Development with Oracle
  • Ali Russell – Chief Marketing Officer with Extreme E
  • Mark Sibla – Chief Of Staff with the NTT INDYCAR SERIES
  • David Dempsey – Head of Salesforce Ireland.

The key themes of this year’s Forum are:

Motorsport is undergoing a digital evolution, with stakeholders needing to understand how best to engage their audiences through new strategies and technologies,

From an environmental and business perspective, working towards a zero-carbon future whilst promoting increased diversity and inclusion is
key to the future of motorsport.

The emergence of the new power bases in the Middle East and United States brings opportunities across commercial, broadcast, content and
fan engagement.

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