BMW will officially enter the ABB FIA Formula E championship for season five in partnership with Michael Andretti to form the new BMW i Andretti Motorsport team.

The team announced that Antonio Felix Da Costa and Alexander Sims will compete for the team in the 2018/19 season.

Klaus Frohlich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Development and Motorsport commented on the bews saying:

“Formula E is not only an innovative and spectacular race series that has established itself as one of the top race series in the world with a totally new approach to sustainability and events within just a few years. “For BMW, it is also the perfect test lab for production development. The technology transfer between motorsport and series production is intense. Our experience from series production benefits the drivetrain of the race car. At the same time, insights from Formula E flow directly into the development of future series production drivetrains. So, I am looking forward to a great racing season.”

Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Brand BMW said:

BMW stands for innovation leadership. We are pioneers when it comes to electromobility. We were convinced by Formula E from the very beginning and as ‘Official Vehicle Partner’ we’ve been involved from the start, in to order actively help shape the series. BMW i and Formula E share the same values: pioneering spirit and innovation.”
BMW Motorsports Director Jens Marquardt explained:
BMW’s expertise in the BMW iFE.18 is primarily in the heart of the vehicle, the drivetrain. “We told the production engineers designing the electric motor and inverter: ‘Forget about all the considerations you would usually have in development, and just think about performance, the greatest efficiency, the lowest weight. When we’ve reached that point, you can think about how to integrate that into series production later on.’ Our BMW Motorsport engineers designed the rear-axle including suspension and had to integrate the drivetrain in the rear end of the race car. The knowledge we gain in this highly competitive environment then flows straight back into production development. This is the perfect implementation of our motto: from the racetrack to the road.”
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