David Brabham says that he wants to continue the legacy started by his father Sir Jack Brabham 70 years ago and that this has been the aim since the family relaunched the Brabham brand.

Speaking to Paddock Eye at the Goodwood Festival of Speed over the weekend where they were showcasing their new car, the BT62, when asked what it is like to drive the car he said:

It’s a pretty special feeling to be driving a Brabham. A Brabham in a Brabham which is great obviously here at Goodwood. The car has been designed to challenge the driver. It’s very quick, we’ve broken lap records in it in Australia, outright lap records and the performance really comes from the fact that it’s light, 972 Kilos dry weight, 700 horsepower 5.4 litre, 1200 kilos of downforce so when you’ve got that combination with racing slicks you’ve got a very fast car and although we are running on just normal wet tyre’s here at Goodwood the race is still pretty rapid enough for anyone I take with me is blown away with the experience.

I asked the three time LeMans class winner what the plan is for the car.

This is a high performance track car. It’s really a track car only vehicle. It’s not been built to any regulations just to be a fast GT car and obviously are cool is to go LeMans and race there and win and with the new regulations that are starting to come out where all manufacturers who build these types of cars will be looking at that trying to get more detail and figure out what they need to do to make that happen, we’ll be no different and then obviously the long term goal was not just racing but to go to road.

When asked if he would consider bringing the Brabham name as a team to the Indianapolis 500, Brabham said no that they need to focus on their sports car programme to showcase the product.

It is such an iconic name around the world and it our responsibility to keep that legacy going forward.


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