May 15th 1970 saw the formation of the Sauber Group enter motorsport in the sportscar championship.

In 1993, Peter Sauber’s company made their Formula One debut and looking back on their 50 years in Motorsport drivers past and present look back on their time with the team.

Robert Kubica scored their only victory in Formula One when the team were BMW Sauber at the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen made his debut with the team in 2001. Speaking about the Birthday celebration, the Iceman said:

I want to wish the best to Sauber on the day of their 50th birthday. It is a team that means so much to me as it was here that I had my Formula One debut and I am thankful for the great times we had together. Obviously, there was a great team history already before I joined, and the team went on to do great afterwards; now we are together again, ready to write new pages of this history, and I hope there will be many more great moments.

Antonio Giovinazzi said:

Sauber has been a really special and important team from me, so happy 50th birthday! I have a lot of good memories with the team, most obviously my debut in Melbourne, back in 2017. It’s a special place to drive and it’ll always be the team where I have been an official Formula One driver for the first time. I wish for many happy moments and to hopefully celebrate a podium together soon.

Robert Kubica who made his race debut with the team in 2006 and is now back with the Hinwil based outfit as their official reserve driver said:

Today is a very special day, marking the 50th year of a long history, not only in Formula One but in motorsports. This team has always been made of great people and it has been a pleasure to race for them. This is where I made my debut, back in 2006, which was the biggest opportunity for myself and my career. I have a lot of great memories from these days, and the victory in Canada in 2008 was definitely one of the greatest moments in my racing life. I’d like to congratulate all the people who wrote the history of Sauber, but also wish all the best and good luck to the new people, the new faces I had the chance to meet upon my return to Hinwil, our home. I wish the team 50, 100 more years of great history in motorsport.”

CEO of Sauber Motorsport AG Frederic Vaseur said:

Today marks an important milestone in the history of Sauber Motorsport. 50 years in this business is a long time, but Sauber has always managed to reinvent itself throughout all the challenges that it faced. At its core, its biggest strength is the people that built it and that still make sure it can compete at the highest level: its employees. Today’s celebrations are a tribute to the hard work, commitment and passion for racing of each one of them – and a wish for the next 50 years to be even more successful than the last ones.”

Tatiana Calderon, their test driver who made her Formula One track debut in with the team in 2018 said:

Congratulations to the whole team, I wish you all the best for the next 50 years. I have a lot of great memories with Sauber, but the most special moment is of course when I first jumped into a Formula One car, in Mexico back in 2018. It was a very special feeling, a dream come true. To work with the whole team at the track was an incredible experience that I will remember forever. As a child, I always dreamed to become an F1 driver and to be working with a team with as much history as Sauber.”

Video courtesy of Sauber Motorsport

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