Citroen Racing confirmed on Friday that they will run a full team of C3 WRC’s for the Rally Tour De Corse next month and that Kris Meeke and Stephane Lefebvre will participate in the Rally Mexico next weekend with Craig Breen returning for Tour De Corse.

Speaking ahead of the first gravel event of the year, Citroen Racing technical director Laurent Fregrosi commented by saying:

For this, the season’s opening gravel rally, we think and hope that we will enjoy better performance. Our results in the opening two rounds of the season mainly come down to a lack of preparation on our part for the actual race conditions. The situation will be different in Mexico, because the C3 WRC has done most of its running on gravel. Having said that, we have learned the lessons from Sweden by correcting a certain number of issues. At the end of last week’s test session, our drivers were pleased with the car. We’ll need to turn that into competitive results, of course… Due to the high altitude, we reckon that the engine power will be similar to that of the previous generation of WRCs at sea level. This reduced performance means less tyre wear, but the lack of oxygen also affects the cooling systems and particularly the brakes… It’s unlikely that we’re in for a relaxing weekend!

Kris Meeke who will make his third Rally Mexico start commented by saying:

Mexico is one of the rallies I know the least, but it’s a course that I like. I think that we headed in the right direction during testing and I’m looking forward to checking that in racing conditions. Despite the loss of power, it should still be pretty enjoyable to drive the cars because we’ll be at more or less the same level as last year’s WRCs. We’ll have to guard against being too aggressive behind the wheel so as to avoid losing time. I’m also pleased to be going to Mexico City for the super special stage. If the atmosphere at the F1 Grand Prix is anything to go by, then it’s going to be a very special occasion in an iconic setting. I’ll bring my dinner jacket along in honour of 007!

Stephane Lefebrve commented by saying:

Apart from the mud at Wales Rally GB, I haven’t competed on gravel since Rally Poland last July! Testing helped me gradually to get into the swing of things. As we moved between various stretches of road, I was able to define a set-up that gave me confidence in the car. That’s the most important thing in order to learn and improve in a relaxed frame of mind. I’m pleased to be back in Mexico again. I really enjoyed being in the country during my only outing here in 2015. Beyond the sombreros and the cactus, it’s more the warmth and friendliness of the people, the atmosphere in the streets of Guanajuato and the magnificent scenery that make it worth the trip!

Citroen Racing Team Principal Yves Matton stated:

The team continues to work with determination. During the test session we held last week, we question certain principles of the set-up and that helped us to identify the areas in which we can improve. We are striving for a good performance level in Mexico. Given his starting position for the opening leg, Kris will be trying to get among the leaders in the hope of kick-starting his season. Meanwhile, Stéphane will need to go for position to score points for the Manufacturers’ Championship. We are very excited about going back to this event, with its very special atmosphere. The Mexico City super special stage will be huge promotional opportunity for the WRC. Staging part of the rally in the middle of a city with a population of twenty-four million people is fantastic, both for the championship and the manufacturers.

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