Verizon IndyCar Series team owner Dale Coyne sat down with journalist Marshall Pruett earlier this year to discuss his life in motor racing.

Over the course of the 26 minute podcast the pair discussed Coyne’s racing career and where his love for the sport came from.

I grew up on a farm, outside Chicago, where the suburbs end and the farm land begins in a small town called Minooka. I never had any exposure to racing growing up as a kid. My dad was a farmer,”

Coyne goes on to discuss the financial factors about his entry in motorsport.

We were always one Series ahead of where our budget was, I’m glad we did what we did when we did it, or we wouldn’t be here today. And it wouldn’t have driven me to do the things that I’ve done on the track and off the track.

So how has Coyne’s passion for racing helped him in his other businesses?

(My passion for racing) has driven me to build my other businesses stronger and make money at that so that I can spend it on this. “It goes back to my Super Vee days. You can’t find any money from the local auto parts guys, so I have to go out and work harder and make money.

The Marshall Pruett podcast with Dale Coyne can be found here –

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