Conor Daly in the No.24 Polkadot Chevrolet says that Dreyer and Reinbold Racing with Cusick Motorsports have done a great job in preparing for the 108th running of the Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge.

The opening day of the Indianapolis 500 open test on Wednesday was shortened due to rain and after posting the 22nd fastest Daly said:

Honestly, the guys have done a great job at Dreyer & Reinbold Cusick Motorsports. Everyone at Chevrolet has been really helpful on getting back into the swing of things. This team hasn’t ran since (last) May, so a lot of things changed. There are new components on the car. I think a lot more new components than people might be aware of. There’s also how many parts did we get in time? The supply chain is also tough certainly as being an Indy-only team. But everything has been great so far. Just a few technical things we’ve had to deal with, but we’ve used the morning to sort through a few electrical things. The car felt great. No issues with the car right out of the gate. Pretty happy honestly right out of the gate. It was confident driving it, and I feel Ryan (Hunter-Reay) will feel the same thing.”

Ryan Hunter-Reay in the No.23 Chevrolet Dreyer Reinbold Racing with Cusick Motorsports was 34th and speaking following the action said:

“You really have to focus on your own program and try not to get carried away with what others are doing, maybe teammates and how they’re progress is doing. Just keep the blinders on and focus on your objectives. That’s the big thing and I’ve learned over the years, that’s the most important. This is very similar to last year, cool on Wednesday and on Thursday last year it rained. We only got one day in. This is an opportunity to go through the paces, make sure the car we’ve got all the electrical things sorted, make sure the fit in the car for the driver is right, and then the pairings of people and how they’re working on the engineering side. Just kind of getting through that process so you can hit the ground running when you come back when it really counts in May.”

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