Carlin Racing’s Conor Daly in the No.59 Gallagher Chevrolet was left disappointed after qualifying for today’s Bommarito Automotive Group 500 at World Wide Technology Raceway in 18th place. The Indiana native was first out on track for the session and got caught in the dust that was laid down to soak up the oil that was on track following the vintage IndyCar’s being on track.

Speaking following the session he said:

“It’s just such a shame – it’s an ice skating rink out there. These Carlin guys did an awesome job with the No. 59 Gallagher Carlin Chevrolet and we had a really good session this morning, but with the oil dry down we just didn’t have a chance. We didn’t even really get to show our true pace this morning because we saved a set of tires, so I feel like we could’ve been even stronger if we weren’t the first one out again in this qualifying session. There was just no grip at all in Turn 1, which is where you need it the most. It is a shame because the car was good and we were really aiming to start in the top 10, which was completely realistic with the car we had in this morning. We’ll just work on our race car tonight and work our way up from the back like we did last weekend.”

Daly was able to make up for the disappointment of a tough qualifying as he led the way in the final practice session ahead of the race tonight completing 68 laps.

Charlie Kimball in the No.23 ripKurrent Chevrolet starts the race from 19th place and in the final practice session he was 20th place and speaking following the qualifying session he said:

The track was just a lot different for our qualifying run than where it was this morning in practice after that oil dry went down. The car balance caught me out in Turn 1 and I had a big moment on the warmup lap just trying to carry some momentum. It’s tough because you only have two laps to get the most of the car and when you’re first out and the track conditions aren’t where they should be, it’s just extremely difficult. The No. 23 ripKurrent Carlin Chevrolet is definitely stronger than where we qualified, but we just didn’t have a chance with track conditions the way they were. Thankfully, we have another hour of practice under the lights tonight and 248 laps of racing tomorrow night.”

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