Former world champion Lewis Hamilton has defended his actions during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Hamilton who went into the Formula One season finale, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 12 points behind team mate Nico Rosberg in the race for the championship, took victory in Sunday’s race however with Rosberg finishing the event in second place that was enough for the German to claim his first world championship.

Hamilton was instructed over the radio with ten laps to go to pick up his race pace, however the Englishman elected not to do this and instead backed his team mate up in Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen meaning that by the end of the race, the gap between Rosberg, Vettel and Verstappen was minimal.

Hamilton dominated the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and felt that the team should not have intervened in the battle for the championship and should have just let him and Rosberg race for the championship.

Head of Mercedes Benz motorsport Toto Wolff said following Sunday’s race that the team had yet to decide whether or not to sanction Hamilton over his on track behaviour. Rosberg won the championship by five points from Hamilton.

On social media on Sunday following the race, Mercedes were accused of favouring Rosberg over Hamilton for the championship, however these accusations are completely unfounded. Let’s look at the facts:

  • Nico Rosberg kept his head down during the season and gone on with the job at hand.
  • When things didn’t go Hamilton’s way, he attempted to play mind games with Rosberg and suggested that there was more to the story when it emerged that some of his crew had moved to Rosberg’s side of the garage. (The fact of the matter is that changes do take place within teams, Ferrari did it with Kimi Raikkonen this season too, where they brought in some new engineers).
  • Rosberg was the more consistent driver this year.


There is no way that Mercedes would favour one driver over another and to suggest this is completely wrong.

Mercedes are one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world and at the end of the day the most important thing for them is that they won the Constructors championship and that one of their drivers won the championship is a bonus.

The team should have to defend themselves over accusations of favouritism. Nico Rosberg did a fantastic job this year. CONGRATULATIONS to Nico and the entire team at Brackley.

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