Chip Ganassi Racing’s Scott Dixon who drives the No.9 PNC BANK Honda went back to school on Wednesday as he joined the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on the EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course) programme at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Speaking about the experience, the Iceman said:

Definitely a first, to be followed by another police car with the lights on and trying to get away, which I can say honestly I’ve never been in that situation before and I don’t plan on it, either.

Dixon began the training course as a passenger with IMPD Sgt Bob Hatch who showed the Chip Ganassi Racing driver the ropes before he was let loose on the course being pursued by Sgt Hatch in a chase patrol car fitted with lights and sirens lit up.

Sgt Hatch who is a driving instructor with IMPD was full of praise for Dixon:

He did spectacular, as I knew he would. “I went through all the instructions I normally give a recruit during training, but Scott has already been there and done that. It was easy for him to pick it up.

Captain Brian Whittemore, who works with Chip Ganassi Racing, operating their hospitality unit when he is not pursuing criminals commented by saying:

“Anything you might encounter when responding to an emergency call, the whole idea is to give that to you right here in a training setting. If you do this every year, you get your recertification, and you’re good to drive next year.

Captain Whittemore has worked with Chip Ganassi Racing since 1994.


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