Defending NTT IndyCar Series champion Scott Dixon in the No.9 PNC Bank Honda for Chip Ganassi Racing is on the verge of equalling Mario Andretti’s 52 IndyCar Series victories.

The Iceman, who took victory in the Genesys 300 at Texas Motor Speedway on Saturday night to take the lead in the championship starts tonight’s XPEL 375 from pole position.

Speaking to Paddock Eye following his win, Dixon said that he feels that starting from pole won’t be an advantage tonight.

Probably not much. It will depend. My sister probably told you I needed to call her, too. I’ve been telling her I’d call her forever. Maybe I’ll give her a call after this press conference.

Yeah, I don’t know. I was surprised to see how good some cars were at the end of that stint. Earlier in the race when we went flat and actually turned the engine up, Palou and myself were actually able to pull away quite quickly. That changed a lot I think in that last stint.

It definitely makes for a very interesting — it’s tough here now because as soon as you get to the exit of two, it’s a very long straight all the way to one. When you’re the leader, you’re kind of a sitting duck. You have a lot of drag on the car now, going through three and four, the compression, the car doesn’t want to accelerate. That makes it interesting.

For me, that was probably the hardest part of the last stint, making sure I got flat through one and two pretty much the whole race, or the last stint there, to make sure McLaughlin couldn’t get close enough to get a big tow. A couple moments he got very close.

I don’t know, I think tomorrow’s race should be a little bit different. How different, I’m not really sure. As I said earlier, I think if you make one mistake, it can ruin your race pretty quickly.

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