Pirelli have released the tyre allocation of each Formula One driver for the next race the Russian Grand Prix at the Sochi circuit.

All drivers with the exception of the two Manor Racing Team drivers Rio Haryanto and Pascal Wehrlein have confirmed they will bring one set of the white walled Medium compound tyre while Haryanto and Wehrlein will bring one set each.

For the yellow walled Soft tyre all drivers with the exception of Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat and the Haas F1 Team pairing of Romain Grosjean have gone for between 3 to 6 sets with Red Bull and the Haas F1 Team opting for two sets each.

As for the red walled Super Soft tyre once again the majority of the field have similar number of between six to nine sets of the specific tyre available for the weekend while Red Bull and Haas have once again thought outside the box and selected 10 sets of the Super Soft tyre for each driver which could lead to some extremely interesting strategies during Sunday’s race.

So how do the drivers decide what tyres to choose? Well this is pre determined by Pirelli who tell the teams that they will provide under the new 2016 tyre regulations, three sets of wet weather tyres, four sets of intermediate tyres and 13 sets of the dry weather tyre (Ultra Super Soft, Super Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard).

All tyres are than bar-coded by the sports governing body the FIA two weeks prior to each race weekend.

Pirelli than nominate two mandatory sets for each car for the race (one only to be used) and one set of the softest compound available to for the Q3 period. The teams are than free to select the remaining 10 sets.

As the graph shows each driver can have different tyre allocation each weekend, each driver must than use at least two different compounds of dry weather tyre during a race. The weather tyre regulations are unchanged.

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