Former Formula One team owner turned TV pundit Eddie Jordan has slammed the BBC for their

Insensitive and gut-wrenching decision

It was announced yesterday that the BBC have cut Formula One with the sport being picked up by Channel 4 for the next three years.

Jordan who joined the BBC as a pundit when Formula One returned to the corporation in 2009 told the Mirror newspaper

It is utterly devastating. The week of Christmas is not the time to hear this, compounded by the fact that it’s not long since a lot of the team had left London and relocated in Salford at the whim of the BBC.

Jordan went on to say:

The people I have spoken to find it really gut-wrenching, They feel senior management have not really batted on their behalf.

Jordan went on to thank the BBC for giving him the opportunity to work on TV and is refusing to rule out anything in relation to the possibility of doing more TV work if it gives him a buzz.

Although EJ has not ruled out anything it would appear that pit-lane reporter Lee McKenzie will not not be joining the Channel 4 F1 team as she tweeted on Monday:

Good luck to with their coverage. Loved being part of team. Some great times, people and wonderful programmes.

Former F1 driver turned TV commentator David Coulthard is believed to have already been approached by Channel 4 about the possibility of heading up their commentary team but the broadcaster has confirmed that they will make no announcements regarding their team until some time in January.


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