RC Enerson says that the plan for Abel Motorsports is to be more prepared than the team were last season for the Indianapolis 500.

Speaking during INDYCAR Content Day on Thursday when asked about how excited his is for the Month of May to come around, Enerson said:

Really excited. The goal is to be back again. We had so much fun last year, and I think we had a really good performance for a new team, my first time once we qualified in, getting all the practice in. And it was a big learning curve, that’s for sure. Hopefully this year the goal is to be more prepared, and now that we’ve done it, it’s just doing it again.

When asked to describe his thoughts about being on pit-road with a start up team at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Enerson said:

Yeah, it was a bit of a pinch-me kind of day. Especially just qualifying day in general was nuts for us. I remember I think I sat on the toolbox in the garage with timing and scoring up on my phone for about three hours. And you’re sitting there, and the only way we would go back out is if we dropped out into the 30th spot to where we’d have to participate in Bump Day. That was the only way we would go back out.


And just kind of sat there, and then they actually got me back in the car for the last, I think it was 30 minutes, of qualifying where you have the line that went all the way through Gasoline Alley, people jumping around. So that was — it was exciting. But once we say the one run go out and we knew there was only one more car that could make it on the time, we knew we were kind of locked. And it was just — they wouldn’t let me get out of the car until the garage because I was freaking out.

The 108th running of the Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge takes place on Sunday, May 26.

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