The European Parliament has backed calls from a British MEP for an investigation to be launched into alleged anti-competition practices within Formula One by the European Competition Commission.

That investigation came a step closer to becoming a reality on Tuesday after a report by the European Parliament which was commissioned last month and amended by UK MEP Annaliese Dodds. The request came about following complaints by Force India and the Sauber F1 Team in 2015.

Speaking about the decision, Dodds commented by saying:

I’m happy that today the European Parliament backed my call for a full and immediate investigation into anti-competitive practices in Formula 1.

The Manor Racing Team collapsed recently and speaking about the demise of the outfit, Dodds commented by saying:

A few weeks ago Manor Racing became the latest team in the south east of England to collapse after administrators failed to find a buyer. Smaller teams are unfairly punished by an uncompetitive allocation of prize money that will always give the biggest teams more money, even if they finish last in every race.

If the European Union Competition Commission launches an investigation and finds evidence of that of anti-competition practices it can force Formula One to restructure it’s prize money structure as well as fine the sport.

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