Extreme E, the new all electric SUV racing series that will make its debut in 2021 have announced their format and a provisional calendar for their inaugural season.

The series which is affiliated with the ABB Formula E championship will see each team field both a male and female driver who will compete together in each two lap race which a driver change taking place following the opening lap. It will be up to the individual teams involved in the series as to 2hich order they have their drivers in each race.

Speaking about the news, Extreme E founder and CEO Alejandro Agag said:

This is a first in motor racing. We are ensuring with our sporting format that drivers of all backgrounds will be able to compete with the same tools at their disposal at every event on the calendar.

Andretti Autosport’s Michael Andretti commented saying:

We were very proud to recently announce Andretti Autosport’s entry into Extreme E, and now equally as excited to share in the news of the new sporting regulations promoting gender equality. As the mindset of motorsports continues to evolve, it is efforts like these from Extreme E that will help bring new opportunities to light. The world of motorsport is full of raw driver ability, both male and female, and we have had the privilege to work alongside so many of these top talents. I look forward to announcing our male/female driver lineup in the near future.”

FIA Women in Motorsport Commission president Michele Mouton said:

This is a great opportunity for women and men to team up, compete together and against each other with the same material.

“Alejandro [Agag] and his team continue to really support gender equality in our sport with concrete actions that help highlight the ability of female racers and give them a chance. It will be interesting to see the team line-ups as they are announced and I look forward to following Season One when it starts early next year.”

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