Extreme E, the all new electric SUV racing series which will host their inaugural event in Saudi Arabia on April 3 and 4 announced on Tuesday that Kärcher have been named official cleaner of the series.

Speaking about the news, Chief Commercial Officer with Extreme E, Ali Russell commented saying:

We are delighted that Kärcher has come on board as Extreme E’s cleaning supplier. The company shares the same ethos as us in terms of environmental wellbeing and promoting everyday solutions for our planet, and we certainly believe it’s vital for us all to acknowledge that.

“It’s important to ensure our fleet of ODYSSEY 21s are kept clean, not only for the visual benefits but it is also vital for safety – and of course, we also need to maintain the cleanliness of our floating abode, the St. Helena – after all, she will be home for the next eleven months to our staff, our science laboratory and all of our race equipment.”

Christian May, Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Sales Officer at Kärcher said:

“We are very proud to support Extreme E as Official Cleaning Supplier working together to draw attention to the consequences of climate change. What is important to us in all our sponsorship activities is the authenticity of our involvement. This means that all of our commitments follow a guiding principle and have to match our corporate values. At its core, Kärcher stands for preserving values. This idea has completely convinced us: Driving all-electric SUVs in mixed teams in places that are highly endangered by climate change in order to draw attention to this problem and similar ones.”

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