A Lewis Hamilton fan took to social media on Tuesday to disagree with the FIA’s ruling in relation to Sebastian Vettel’s actions during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix two weeks ago.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the fan said:

Lost all respect for the FIA, @scuderiaferrari and Sebastian Vettel after that ruling. The message this sends out is that you can do whatever you want on track, smash into each other but if you suck it up and just apologise and you get away with it! If that was Lewis, he’d get banned, fined and points deducted. @fia.official are a bias set of fools towards Ferrari, always have been and always will! #f1 #formula1 #teamlh #lewishamilton

The post by tillykeeper_zackfan was liked by Lewis Hamilton. It will be interesting to see who will be at the FIA Driver Press Conference on Thursday. Sebastian Vettel heads to the Austrian Grand Prix with nine points on his Super Licence meaning that should he receive three penalty points this weekend he will be given an automatic one race ban for the British Grand Prix next weekend.

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