Firestone Racing are bringing more than 1,000 tires to the Iowa Corn 300 at Iowa Speedway this weekend.

This year, the compound has better grip levels than last year and the construction of the tire is similar to that which was brought to the event in 2017. Each driver will receive 11 sets of tires for this weekend’s event.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s race, Firestone Racing’s Chief Engineer Cara Adams commented by saying:

“Iowa is unique in that it’s a short oval in distance, but the demands of the track surface, banking and loading on the tires call for a construction similar to Indianapolis on the left side tires and a superspeedway on the right side tires,” said Cara Adams, Chief Engineer, Bridgestone Americas Motorsports. “There is no change in construction for 2018. Our left side tire compounds will have improved wear over 2017, and the right side compounds will improve grip with the new aero kit.

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