Firestone Racing has announced that they will bring more than 1,600 race tires to this weekend’s Sonsio Grand Prix of Road America presented by AMR.

Each entrant will receive the following tire allocation this weekend.

  • Seven sets of the Primary tire
  • Four sets of the Alternate tire
  • Five sets of the Rain tire

The tires being used this weekend are the same compound and construction as what was used at Road America in 2021.

Speaking about this weekend’s race, Principal Program Engineer with Bridgestone Americas Motorsports, Cory Williams said:

There’s a lot of excitement heading into the Sonsio Grand Prix of Road America as it is historically the fastest road course race in the series. The high-speed race is accompanied by an elevation change of about 211 feet per lap which totals a climb of 11,600 feet in the 55 lap race.

To help tackle the elevation change on the 4-mile-long natural terrain road course, we modified our standard road course tires to have slightly less gauge to assist with load changes that generate more temperature through the turns.

The primary and alternate tires for the 2022 Road America event will feature the same tires and compounds supplied for the 2021 Road America race.


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