Firestone Racing is bringing the same race tires to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course for this weekend’s GMR Grand Prix of Indianapolis as they used last season with the race tires formed with the same construction and compound as used during the 2021 event.

Firestone has also confirmed that they are bringing more than 1,500 race tires for this weekend’s race with each entrant receiving the following allocation:

  • 6 sets of the Primary tire
  • 4 sets of the Alternate tire
  • 5 sets of the Rain tire

Speaking ahead of the race this weekend, Cory Williams, Principal Progam Engineer with Bridgestone Americas Motorsports says:

While the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) road course doesn’t see as many elevation changes as some other INDYCAR road course circuits, its high speeds and fast corners present a unique and exciting design challenge for our engineers. This weekend the GMR Grand Prix will run on tires with the same construction run on other road courses, but the primary and alternate compounds are tuned specifically to tackle the unique blend of handling requirements from a road course, paired with the high speeds and loads that come with running part of the historical oval at IMS. Drivers are going from high speeds on the front straight into one of the slowest turns of the track in Turn 1, showing significant load transfer to the front tires. We’re looking forward to a great race and seeing these Firestone Firehawk race tires in action.

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