Firestone Racing will bring more than 1,500 sets of tires to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for this weekend’s Verizon IndyCar Series event, the IndyCar Grand Prix of Indianapolis on the Speedway’s road course.

The Black PRIMARY tire is made up of the compound as the 2017 Indy GP tire and the same construction as Barber 2018.

Each driver will receive:

  • Seven sets of the PRIMARY tire
  • Four sets of the ALTERNATE tire
  • Five sets of the RAIN tire

The Red ALTERNATE tire is made up of the same compound as the 2017 Indy GP and the construction is the same as the PRIMARY.

Speaking ahead of this race this weekend, Chief Engineer Bridgestone Americas Motorsports. Cara Adams commented by saying:

The Firestone Race Engineering team looks forward to the Month of May all year long. “The 2017 INDYCAR GP tires provided excellent performance and exciting racing. After testing the new universal aero kit last season, we will be bringing back the same race compounds as 2017 with updated 2018 construction modifications.


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