Verizon IndyCar Series tire supplier Firestone were at Phoenix International Raceway on Tuesday where several drivers carried out testing in preparation for the 2017 season.

Speaking about the importance of testing, Cara Adams from Firestone Racing commented by saying:

We get a lot of great feedback during the race weekend, but during a typical race weekend we wouldn’t have time to look at changes for next year. “We would have to do our best with indoor testing and all of our analyses, so if we wanted to come back and make a change, it’s something that you need to be at the actual racetrack and testing in a very scientific test order. So you need to make sure you have control tires and then you need to make sure you test the changes in an appropriate manner.

Firestone Racing work extremely closely wit the Verizon IndyCar Series its teams and drivers to come up with the best compounds available for each race. Phoenix International Raceway returned to the Verizon IndyCar Series schedule in 2016 following an eleven year absence.


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