Firestone Racing have brought more than 1,300 tires for this weekend’s Iowa Corn 300 at Iowa Speedway. Each driver will receive ten sets of the Firestone Firehawks and they are the same compound and construction to the one used at this circuit last season.

Speaking ahead of the race this weekend, Cara Adams from Firestone Racing said:

When designing tires for an oval track, especially with progressive banking like Iowa Speedway, you must consider the very high loads on the right side due to the cars always turning left. Because of this load transfer, the Firestone Race Tire Engineering team designs more durable tires for the right side both in compound and construction. We offset this with a softer compound and construction on the left side to ensure the car doesn’t lose grip as it circles the banked track. We also design the right rear tires to be slightly larger than the left rear tires for this purpose. For this weekend at Iowa, we are bringing the same race-proven constructions and compounds as 2018.

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