Earlier this week Formula One commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone criticized the ‘cartel’ nature of the sport and now world champion Lewis Hamilton has criticized the regulation process of the sport.

Speaking in Barcelona on Wednesday after testing the new Mercedes W07 with which he hoes to secure his third straight championship the Englishman said that he would like to the drivers given a greater say in the make up of the regulations that govern the sport.

The defending champion stated:

I think the drivers should be consulted and be involved more, We do have some ideas of what could be better. We do know what’s not good in the car, particularly the drivers who have been driving for 10-15 years. We’ve been through all the different rule changes and know which ones worked and which ones didn’t.

It was announced earlier today by the FIA Commission that an elimination style qualifying format is set to be introduced this season and this regulation change is something that Hamilton is not a fan of:

I don’t really feel like it’s going to change much, to be honest. I hope it’s a surprise for us all and it does. I guess it just puts even more focus on making sure you get your laps in, I guess keeping people out, making sure everyone’s out all the time, so I think it may be good for the spectators.

It is good that Hamilton is voicing his opinion however it is not good for the world champion who has dominated the sport for the last years to criticize it as what sort of message this send out to the fans of the sport?

As world champion, Hamilton is seen by many as the main ambassador of the sport and he should be doing everything he can to promote the sport not criticize it.

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