The eagerly awaited Ford v Ferrari LeMans 66 film was released in UK cinemas on Friday and Paddock Eye has seen it. The film directed by James Mangold tells the story of the car designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and mechanic turned race driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) who went to the Ford Motor Company and convinced Henry Ford II to go motor racing at LeMans in a bid to beat Ferrari.

The film starts with the Ford Motor Company trying to aim their cars at a younger demographic and then world cam through that Enzo Ferrari whose company had dominated LeMans was in trouble so Mr Ford decided that he would try to buy the Italian company.

Ford failed in his bid to purchase Ferrari losing out to FIAT and as a result he decided to take the Ford Motor Company motor racing and launched the blue oval on the endurance racing stage. Shelby had built a car for Ford and they wanted a driver that fit with the Ford brand which they felt Ken Miles did not.

Ford wanted an American driver and felt that Ken Miles who came from Birmingham England was too rough around the edges for the Ford Motor Company.

At the 1965 24 Hours of LeMans, Miles drove alongside Bruce McLaren for Shelby America but the pair failed to finish the event. In 1966, Shelby persuaded Ford to let Kevin Miles represent the Ford Motor Company in a Ford GT MkII with the promise that if he won the race he would drive at LeMans.

Miles duly obliged winning the 24 Hours of Daytona and not only that but also went on to dominate the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1966 and although he did not win the race he helped orchestrate on of the most famous motor racing photographs in racing history with Ford finishing 1,2,3 in the race. The Ford GT40 became and remains an icon in motorsport winning LeMans from 1966 to 69.

Christian Bale’s performance as Ken Miles is absolutely fantastic as is Matt Damon’s portrayal of Carroll Shelby. The racing scenes in the film are absolutely incredible and this reporter was glued to his seat from start to finish.

Tracy Letts’ performance as Henry Ford II was absolutely amazing and extremely enjoyable to watch. Ford v Ferrari is the best motor racing film I have every seen and I felt i was in the car with Ken Miles which was absolutely fantastic.

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