The Ford Motor Company announced on Friday that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Red Bull Powertrains to develop and supply power units to the Oracle Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Alpha Tauri Formula One Teams from 2026 until at least 2030. The Ford Motor Company’s last victory in Formula One came at the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix in the hands of Giancarlo Fisichella and the Jordan Ford team.

Ford went LeMans in 1966 and beat Ferrari, and this is a battle that will once again be reignited in 2026. However, it will be on the Formula One track as the Blue oval prepares to return to Formula with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team, who are the defending world championships two years in a row. They also have the technical know-how to succeed in Formula One.

Red Bull Racing has been highly successful in Formula One, which they want to continue through this new partnership with the Ford Motor Company. At the same time, Blue Oval can use the technical know-how to help advance their EV technology in their road cars.

It is a fascinating time for Formula One with the addition of Ford and Audi alongside Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault. It is going to be exciting time for the sport.

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