Formula One announced on Tuesday ahead of the start of the 2021 season this weekend in Bahrain that they have appointed Herjavec Group as the sports official cybersecurity provider. The new multi-year agreement will see Herjavec support Formula One in three key areas:

Securing the F1® Event Technical Centre – HG will provide Managed Security Services including threat intelligence and cyber analysis to support F1® race operations, bolstering the security for the world’s most data-rich sporting environment as it travels the globe. The F1® Event Technical Centre will be transported to 22 countries this year, generating real-time racing analysis, security event logs, and threat intelligence information.

•24/7 Threat Detection as the Cyber Security Services Provider for F1® – Herjavec Group’s cloud-based, remote & geo-redundant Security Operations Center (SOC) infrastructure will provide 24/7 expertise to detect and respond to emerging threats targeting the critical infrastructure of Formula 1 ®, including corporate operations, digital platforms and mission-critical assets. Threat detection has grown in importance as the digital ecosystem of F1® increases in scale, and Herjavec Group’s HG SOAR platform will facilitate proactive hunting on curated intel to disrupt and block attacks before they become security incidents. In addition to SOC operations, Herjavec Group’s specialized Formula 1® appoints Herjavec Group as Official Cyber Security Services Provider Date 23/03/21 Managed Security Services include managed phishing, incident response management, vulnerability management and security engineering.

• Cybersecurity Advisement & Expertise – Herjavec Group will further enhance security posture for Formula 1® through key cyber initiatives in the realms of security planning, privacy, PCI compliance, architecture, identity & access management, and emergency preparedness.

Speaking about the news, Chris Roberts, Head of IT Infrastructure at Formula 1®, said:

When you think about securing F1, everyone tends to focus on the data each car produces, because the analysis of speed and performance is a critical factor in achieving the podium. But as we sought out a Cyber Security Services Provider, we needed a partner with industry-wide expertise, a global perspective and the ability to scale alongside our digital transformations – trackside, across our corporate operations, and in the entertainment space. We chose to partner with Herjavec Group because they excel in security at scale and we are confident in their ability to support us in protecting our infrastructure as we continue to expand our leadership as the pinnacle of motorsport.”

Robert Herjavec, Herjavec Group Founder & CEO, said:

“I’m a racing fanatic. In fact, many would argue racing is in the DNA of Herjavec Group and a clear analogy for the work we do as cybersecurity experts. You’ve got to be laser-focused when driving a car 200MPH – because if you look left or right, you’ll lose control. At Herjavec Group we pride ourselves on being 100% cybersecurity-focused and obsessed with service excellence. Like so many businesses, Formula 1 has had to adapt their entire operation in light of the pandemic. That’s meant remote experiences, limited on-site personnel and prioritization of digital experiences. We are honored to secure the next phase of their digital transformations as they continue to scale as a global leader in innovation and technology in sport.”

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