In a sport driven by commercial interests and sponsorship and money and with one of the biggest global audiences of any sport on the planet why is it so difficult for Formula One to succeed in America.

The Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas is one of the most modern Grand Prix venues on the calendar and has drawn in huge crowds since it made its Formula One debut in 2012 and was heralded as a new beginning for the sport in the United States however four years later the circuit is on the brink of losing the race with Formula One seemingly set to withdraw from the United States THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN!!

The United States of America is the biggest market for two of Formula One’s biggest manufacturers Ferrari and world champions Mercedes Benz with the two company’s selling more units in North America between them then anywhere else in the world and yet Formula One is struggling.

The Circuit of The Americas Chairman Bobby Epstein has criticized the owners of Formula One, CVC saying:

You’ve got a large investment fund behind it that’s trying to get the most money it can, They want to maximize earnings, and helping the guys in Austin might not be high on their list.

Epstein believes however that the organisers of the race at the Circuit of the Americas will sort everything out and with the American Haas F1 Team making their Formula One debut in 2016 with Ferrari power and technical support the sport is well placed to take advantage of the increased involvement in the sport from the United States which should go an extremely long way to helping it gain more support and interest from American Formula One fans. Epstein revealed that Formula One as an entity has helped the Circuit of the Americas out but the issue is with the owners of the sport CVC and not the teams.

American businessman and owner of the Miami Dolphins Stephen Ross with the backing of Qatar Sovereign Wealth Fund is the front runner to purchase Formula One from CVC if and when the sport is put for sale with a decision due on whether or not the sport will be sold due at some point in the new year.

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