Formula One let itself down on Sunday at the Belgian Grand Prix at the Spa Feancorchamps circuit but more importantly the sport let the fans down.

Thousands of fans flocked to the circuit, braving the appalling weather and crazy traffic jams only to sit in the rain for hours while the FIA and Formula One debated whether or not the race could go ahead or not.

In the end the race did in fact get underway although it couldn’t be called a race as it was a two lap procession behind the Safety Car.

Safety is paramount and that is the most important thing however, the weather was just as bad of not worse when the parade took place compared to when the racechad been due to take place.

The race director Michael Masi said that it was impossible for the race to go ahead of Monday however it could be argued that the race could have gone ahead with the teams dismantling their motor homes on Monday evening and then travelling to Zandvoort which is a distance of roughly 321KM.

As Lewis Hamilton said ‘money talks’. It should certainly be a case that the fans who attended the race on Sunday receive a refund on their ticket or at least have an option to go to next year’s race.

The NTT IndyCar Series and Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series has the ability to run a postponed race the following day so why not Formula One?

Formula One traditionally uses local marshals at each track to ensure that drivers are safe while they race however, given the money in the sport it is about time that they employ a full-time safety team such as the NTT IndyCar Series AMR Safety Team.

It would not be difficult to do. The safety team would travel with the sport to each race with dedicated safety vehicles such as the ones that are used by IndyCar.

It would also give drivers and their families piece of mind in knowing the first responders who come to their aid.

It would also mean that if a race were postponed due to weather it could go ahead the following day.

The AMR Safety team on track at Iowa

Formula One can learn an awful lot from the NTT IndyCar Series.

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