Working in Formula One for the most part is a dream come true for many people however many people dread the start of the season.

The families of personnel working in Formula One are affected more than anything by the start of the Formula One season and this year although the racing season doesn’t get underway until March the on track action gets underway in two weeks time as three teams, McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing will be action at the Paul Ricard circuit in France as they test for Pirelli.

The teams will then have less than a month before they are back on the road for the start of winter testing which gets underway at the Circuit De Catalunya in Spain.

Testing sees the teams transporters hit the road with the motorhome’s set up at the circuit and in order for this to be done in time for the start of testing members of each team travel to the circuit up to a week ahead of the cars in order to set up the paddock.

This year there are the two test days at the Paul Ricard circuit at the end of January and then there are two four day test sessions that take place at the Circuit de Catalunya. The first test takes place from February 22-25 with the second test taking place from March 1 -4.

This year there are seven back to back Grand Prix which puts extra pressure on the men and women up and down the pit-lane.

Along with the back to back Grand Prix there will also be in season testing following the Spanish and British Grand Prix. In years gone by teams had a dedicated test whose sole purpose was to test during the season leaving the race team to just concentrate and focus on the Grand Prix schedule however now they also have to sort out testing too.

So with Formula One traveling around the world from January right through to November it is going to be a long season.

Many families in F1 may not see each other from June 24 up to August 3 due to mammoth schedule that has been put together for this season.

Due to constant travel and long hours for the men and women in the paddock concerns have been raised about team members operating the machinery used to construct the gigantic motorhome’s and other area’s of the paddock which rightly so is of grave concern to families in Formula One.

Something needs to be done so that team personnel get to see their families regularly during the season. One way of doing this is for FOM to open up the Formula One Paddock because although during the Grand Prix events where team personnel may be at home they are still away from their families due to the fact that their is little or no access to the paddock for families and THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE.

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