AJ Foyt Racing’s Santino Ferrucci and Sting Ray Robb were in action for the Speedway and Texas-based out at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course last Thursday and Friday as they prepared for the introduction of the new 2024 hybrid system, which is set to come into operation following next months Indianapolis 500.

Speaking following testing, Santino Ferrucci who was in the car on Friday said:

“I love it. For my driving style in particular, it’s a huge help for me, the way you can control it to rotate the car. I’m a very oversteer-happy, rear-end happy kind of driver. My current issue with the car we have now, especially since we’ve put all the weight up top, has been when you come off the brakes and roll into the speed, the weight creates a massive understeer and front wash. I’ve really struggled to obviously adapt. It’s one of my Achilles heels. Having the hybrid system in is so much better, plus it’s really fun because it adds a depth to the driving and being able to think. You have the hybrid system and the overtake system, you have the way you’re regenerating, so many different things that I feel like it’s making it more of a drivers’ car. The series is already so tight between having this car for so long, set ups for every team are pretty good across the board, to add another aspect to where the driver can make a difference is huge.”

Sting Ray Robb who tested the car on Thursday on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course commented saying:

“It’s been good so far. We haven’t got to do the on-track restart yet, but some of the other cars have and it works. So that’s really good to see, because you can go long in a brake zone, stall your car and spin around, and we’ve got a way to restart instead of waiting on a safety crew to get to us. The innovation in the series has been good to see. I think it’s good to have a new hybrid unit going into the car with the help of Honda and Chevy both working together super well. The whole package seems to be doing its job quite well, and I think that’s just a testament to the 20,000+ miles that we’ve put into the car.”

Next up for the AJ Foyt Racing duo is the Indianapolis 500 open test which takes place next Wednesday and Thursday.


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