Former Verizon IndyCar Series driver Dario Franchitti says he doesn’t miss the Indianapolis 500.

Speaking on the Autosport stage at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham on Saturday the Scot, a three time Indianapolis 500 winner and a four time Verizon IndyCar Series champion said he doesn’t miss racing IndyCar’s around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Franchitti did confirm that he missed an opportunity to race in the LeMans 24 Hours in 2015. The Scot said in relation to racing at the Indianapolis 500:

It’s too bloody scary

Looking at the race now he says that the drivers are all mad. Franchitti is still involved in the Verizon IndyCar Series with Chip Ganassi Racing but he said he is not a ‘driver adviser’ because he said that Chip is paying him too much money for him to just be an adviser.

Franchitti went on to say that with Indianapolis he just wants more and more.


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