Former racing driver Davina Galica says she was initially skeptical about the W Series until she got to the second race of the season in Zolder. Speaking to Paddock Eye in Brands Hatch on Saturday she said that she was shocked and was impressed with everything they were being taught in terms of the technical side of the series with the car, the fitness and the downloading of the information from the car.

Galica said that the biggest surprise for her was that the racing was darn good and that she was glad that she wasn’t up against them.

Desire Wilson raced at Brands Hatch before in the World Endurance and British Formula One Championship and said that it was one of her favourite race tracks. Wislon said that whenever she raced here she usually came away from the track with the fastest race lap.

Wilson said it is fantastic that the W Series has come to Brands Hatch as it is a very challenging race track. and that it is going to bring the best out of the girls and produce an exciting race.

Davina Galica’s first experience of Brands Hatch was in 1974 and that she entered motorsport late at the age of 29 and took part in the Olympics as a skier and said that motorsport is like skiing and was helped immensely by John Webb who ran Brands Hatch at the time he provided the sponsorship to allow her to go racing and that it wasn’t like today where girls have to fight to get the sponsorship they need to go racing so the W Series is a great form of racing and great stage for them to show what they can do.

Galica said it was quiet easy to make the transition from the Olympics to motor racing as the line is similar and that there is brake in a car.

She said as the drivers mature you become friends with your former on track rivals and she said that there was no comradery between the drivers but she said when she went to Argentina in 1978 with Hesketh she received support from Emerson Fittipaldi. John Watson and Niki Lauda as they wanted to a female driver on the grid which she didn’t qualify for because there were 32 drivers going for 26 spots.

Both drivers agree that they would like to see teams arrive at a Formula One race and not be guaranteed a spot on the grid. Desire Wilson said that she was disappointed that Simona De Silvestro didn’t go further in the NTT IndyCar Series and she believes that the series needs a female driver.

Galica said with the NTT IndyCar Series unless you are with Penske you need to bring money. Desire and Davina both believe that Katherine Legge should still be in the NTT IndyCar Seris and that she wasn’t given a change to compete on a full time basis.

Desire Wilson said that being good on an oval is one thing but being talented on a road course is something else and this is something that both Katherine Legge and Simona De Silvestro were great at and that is something the NTT IndyCar Series.

Desire Wilson said that she wants to see a competitive female driver in the NTT IndyCar Series. Desire went on to say that there is more talent there but that no one has said lets go for this. Galica said the good thing about the NTT IndyCar Series is that they run the same cars with two different engines and that it makes it easier for a woman to get into IndyCar rather then Formula One.

Desire believes that a female driver will never get a top drive in Formula One and will always be trundling around at the back. They both agreed that the W Series gives the drivers particularly the ones running in the top five or six positions weeke in week out the exposure that will allow them to get more sponsorship in order to progress their motor racing careers.


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